About the Band

Guys on a Bus is a rising indie rock band from Joplin, MO. In 2016, they were placed on nearly 100 indie and college radio stations in the span of just 2 months. They followed up their college radio success by landing three showcases at SXSW (Austin, TX) in March of 2017. By the end of 2017 they will have played in nearly half the of states in the continental US.

The band was started by Davis Drake (bass), Evan Todd (drums) and Nathan Hurley (lead vocal and guitar) in 2014. The Guys grew into a four piece band when Nathan’s younger brother, Caleb, became old enough to tour, completing the band.  Initially, the group played folk music, but, as the band grew, so did their musical styling. Since September of 2015, they have toured all over the country playing for and drawing a wide array of audiences because of their eclectic sound created by their coupling of honest lyrics you'd expect from veteran musicians and an upbeat, pop-rock vibe that you'd expect from such young talent. They hit the music scene in a big way.

On any given night, Guys On a Bus brings an upbeat experience to their crowd. From their tight four-part harmonies, reminiscent of the Beach Boys, to their simple pop/ rock choruses, in the neighborhood of Maroon5, Guys On a Bus bring a wide variety in their original songs (9 of which are available on most streaming services). Their primary fanbase consists of people in college and high-school, but they have loyal fans spanning over four generations. Audiences from diverse backgrounds are drawn to this young group’s passion and drive that comes across most in their live shows. The group’s unique type of upbeat music and lyricism will turn casual listeners to fans by the end of a set. You may not know them when they first walk on stage, but by the end of the night audience members will find Guys On a Bus’ songs stuck in their heads. Listen once and you will want to hear more.